Which things are essential for web development procedure ?

Even as newsletters, blog, industry information, or other resources may also be others interested in your site and link to your cause. First, the Chinese station is usually ranked compare with other Chinese stations, so the game is fair. Also very important is Google’s PageRank has a finer measure (not a simple 1-10), so the two stations show toolbars PR6 may have different PageRank.

Web Copywriting

Google to measure the prestige of authority of non-English sites have special handling to help. One major difference between the English and Chinese websites SEO Website SEO is to do the search words. For example, “viagra” is one of the largest English language search terms garbage, “Ringtones” in Chinese garbage more. Another difference is that almost all medium-sized Chinese stations have a blog, other languages will not.

My question is also close to the details, such as Theming & integration¬†how to avoid their creators as the original was copied material. Jianfei told us continue to improve Google’s algorithms determine and delete copied material. Can we not expect them to tell us the most important file creation time. You know, to tell us the details of wantonly cheating means open doors for cheaters. Aside I would like to set out the technical details of bad ideas, like asking questions. I think the Chinese SEO industry needs most is ideas, not technology, so problem is rather focused on the concept.

Some of the things we have been emphasizing, or guess, but Matt Cutts and Jianfei mouth say it, than any one of us say a hundred times the results are good, there is a big difference. Carefully read their answers, in fact, can find a lot of very valuable things. The most simple example, we can clearly know that as long as the quality guidelines range, at least Google does not hate SEO. Also revealed some new information, such as processing and dangerous spam links.