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February 7, 2007, inspection reports Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention showed that: “Di beans” does not contain chloramphenicol. This is the second country after the announcement of the latest test compliance report test results. semi-finished products, finished products sold on the market as well as warehouse and production line were spot checks and multi-batch sampling, the results show “Di beans” does not contain chloramphenicol.

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Since then, the relevant regulatory authorities of health, quality inspection, industry and commerce across the country also have on the market, “Di beans” for the emergency sampling, dozens of test reports consistently show that “Di beans” does not contain chloramphenicol, in line with “Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics “standard. It is Custom Web Design┬áreported that, “Di beans” manufacturers have the test results provinces distributors and retail pharmacies throughout notice. Currently, the , we have been able to see the Chinese Center for Disease Control as well as Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chongqing and other cities of the dozens of test reports.

 Now I do not doubt the authenticity of such a report, after all, by national authoritative institutions.
“Di beans”, in front of a lot of negative information or through search engines. Print and television, communication ability, but timeliness is strong. Only the Internet, those negative messages still exist, each user by searching Di beans will fear.

The search engine makes Di beans lose is a another direct clients. While the print and TV media questioned Di beans is long past, and now Di beans public relations crisis facing the search. You search a search di beans, beans Di you dare to sell product? For Di beans, the search engine is more terrible than the CCTV, but everything is still long way to go! In SEO, the lower a page has nothing to do with the core of the interference information sometimes become a tricky job, and recently announced support Nocontent yahoo label. For webmasters, this is a very good tool to help search engines better understand the key elements of the page.