By considering what factors changes is to be done in web designing ?

As a result, a lot of strength is not the strength of the network services company are run over , claiming they have the technology in the search engines, companies can help those in need The website did in front of the search engine results. practice, many of these companies received a prepayment of the company, slightly better point , indeed you are doing, but because technology is not, make up a few months , a change in search engine algorithm, Static Website Design turn off, especially compared with last year twice GOOGLE scale modification algorithm, a lot of companies have not lost sight. always do not come up.

There are more poor, our money, on what news is gone. Well now, we launched the “first optimization, monthly fees,” the service. That is after we signed the contract, we do not accept any deposit, but the first for you , when your site is optimized to After we signed the results, you then monthly payments , your website meet the requirements of a month, you will pay one month’s money, so that you do not have any worry about it, maybe you want to ask, why should we be so do.

Oh, this is because of our own technical art confident enough to remind some people think the way should take advantage of, first, we have to sign, at the same time in the contract will specify: If we optimize the corresponding effect, and you do not pay, we have the right to do your default optimization to your front, as a result, although customers in search engines can find you.

If you do not pay, then the domain name There may be a point to your competitors also may record your bilk us of these measures, our friendly customer without any prejudice , but we also have to beware of the villain. We are responsible for 1- within three months of their search engine optimization to be relevant keyword search results first.